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Residential HVAC - FAQ

Residential HVAC equipment provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative to separate heating and cooling systems. We attempt to give a thorough answer to the following frequently asked questions related to integrated heating ventilation and air conditioning:

My unit is not heating or cooling properly. What can I do?

Even state-of-the-art climate control solutions may experience temporary failures in case they have been operating for a significant amount of time. The cooling system may freeze, resulting in a pile of ice on the coil. At the same time, the heating system could overheat when exposed to constant pressure. The wisest possible decision is to turn the Residential HVAC unit off, thereby allowing the system to rest and regenerate. Professional help would soon be on the way to further attend to the problem.

Why do system breakdowns occur?

The most common cause of system breakdowns among popular climate control solutions is improper maintenance of the air filters. Air filters are responsible for trapping dust and other impurities indoors. In case they are not changed regularly, the improper air circulation would lead to an inefficient overall operation. This would naturally result in an increase in the monthly utility costs and could dramatically shorten the life span of Residential HVAC equipment.

Should I attempt to look into the problem in case of a system breakdown, before calling maintenance?

Although nobody expects you to turn into a Residential HVAC climate control system professional overnight, a few preventive measures could help you maintain your system for a long time. Check the air filters on a monthly basis and change them in case dust has piled up! Aprilaire type media filters require yearly replacements while standard pleated paper filters need monthly attendance! Furthermore, air dryness may reach disturbing levels in a closed environment, even effecting the healthy operation of the heating and cooling system. Install automatic humidifiers in your home that automatically balance the level of humidity!

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